Beautiful Word About Farid Dallal, Founder of Forgotten Mom



Beautiful words from Sal about our Founder, Farid Dallal. Thank you for your beautiful soul and your dedication to helping others.
In case you can’t read this here is the text:
Sal Cuttrelli: I remember when Farid Dallal was thinking of this way back in the day. We hit it off right away & shortly thereafter I broke my anonymity to him about my recovery. He seemed impressed with my years of being clean & would always ask me about it. He would sit me down, pour coffee & say “let’s talk”. Myself in Construction & Farid a businessman, why the connection? Our conversations would vary from cars to sports but always back to addiction. In that time he actually helped myself & my Wife get a nice deal on a new car. He made a few calls & knew a few people & was more then happy to help. Time goes by & one day I asked him a few home mortgage questions & he jumped in & helped again. A few calls here & there then some research on his end & he helped us again. I remember trying to pay him for his time & he laughed at me. He said my Friendship was more than enough for payment. Wow here he was the guy you hear about in life but you never meet. It wasn’t long after this that we became very close. Once all the other life stuff was over his thinking went into overdrive & he wanted to know all that I knew about addiction. I told him my entire story beginning to end sitting on his Patio. Farid saw the epidemic coming & used to ask me ” what can I do, how do I help”. I recall it like it was yesterday going back & forth on the role he could play & to what degree. It was hard for me just a street kind of guy to think like him. I knew he would do something as he was the HELP YOU OUT KINDA GUY. His dreams were big but the problem to me seemed so much bigger, well I was wrong & he did it. What amazed me most about Farid is that he was going through so much in his own life at the time but still forged forward. To see his dreams for himself & for others unfold has been amazing to say the least. I wish we had more time to spend together but miles & life always seem to get in the way. Reading this write up comes as no surprise to me as you would need to know him to understand.